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Particularly easy to
fabricate, this economical,
non-abrasive, water-
resistant closed cell foam
provides excellent shock
and vibration protection.
These characteristics make
it a common choice for use
in items such as case
inserts, end caps, blocking
and crating. Available
extruded or laminated, in a variety of colors.
The most common light
density packaging material,
this very soft open cell
foam is often used in boxes,
cases, fast packs, end caps
and sensitive equipment
packaging. Folds easily and
is anti-static. Available in a
variety of colors and densities.
If you can put it in a case,
we can build a custom
foam solution to protect it.
See our "services" tab
for more info.
This closed cell foam provides
superior longevity and is
aesthetically pleasing. Water-,
dirt- and grease-resistant, it's
a very popular choice for use
in case inserts. Available in a
variety of colors and densities.
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